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Payment Plans & Options

If we take your case, we can offer a variety of payment options for our clients and will work with you to design a plan that meets your needs with no credit check required.

Don't forget to ask about our parent-secure pay options!

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We offer our services at a flat-rate for each goal we set during your initial consultation and we're happy to offer an advanced payment discount when possible.


Our flat-rate approach ensures that you know up-front what it will cost to pursue your legal objectives.  You have enough to worry about already, the cost of protecting your rights should not be one of them.




  • You offer payments

  • Require downpayment

  • Customized Solutions


Your financial situation should never dictate the quality of your legal representation.  We understand that no one plans for legal issues and therefore may need flexible payment terms to ensure they get the best representation possible.  We are happy to customize a payment option that will best suit your needs and allow us to help you pursue your legal goals.

Don't forget to ask about our parent-secure pay options!

We offer a 20% discount for all legal fees that are paid in advance of services rendered.

Down Payment with Monthly Installments

We will discount our fees based on the amount of your down payment and give you interest-free monthly installments so long as you don't miss any payments.

We understand that legal expenses can add up quickly and we don't want that to prevent you from getting the legal representation that deserve.  Tell us about your sitation and we will work it out.

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